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Site Leadership

Field Leadership

Suzy Triplett

Bangkok Site Leader

Omar Cova

East Los Angeles Site Leader

David Kitani

Lincoln Heights (Los Angeles) Site Leader

Beauty & Phillip Ndoro

Mexico City Site Leaders

Zach Powell

Marseille Site Leader

James Williams

Middle East Site Leader

Sara Oviedo

North Africa Site Leader

Daniel & Denise Anderson

Philadelphia Site Leaders

Murray Withrow

Richmond Site Leader

Kevin Blue

US National Field Director

Jen Blue

Associate US National Field Director

Phillip Ndoro

Regional Director for Latin America

Beauty Ndoro

Associate Regional Director for Latin America

Zach Powell

North Africa/Middle East Regional Director

Departmental Leadership

Daniel Sunkari

Communications Director

Beth Price
Director of Finance and Administration

Jennifer Chi Lee

Learning & Collaboration Director

Liz Fung

Mobilization Director

Laurie N.

Member Care Director

Stephanie Payne Medina

Pre-Field Director

Andy Singleterry

Servant Partners Press Publisher

Executive Leadership

Derek & Lisa Engdahl

Co-General Directors

Joel & Krista-Dawn Kimsey

Co-Executive Directors, Servant Partners Canada

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