The Servant Partners Middle East team is involved in highly contextualized pioneer church planting in one of the largest and most impoverished cities in the Arab World. Team members live amongst the poor, seeking to incarnate the Good News of Jesus to the Muslim community in a culturally relevant and appropriate way, in order to plant reproducible holistic churches.

The Arab Middle East is the birthplace of Islam and to this day remains the spiritual and intellectual center of the religion.  There are approximately 200 million Arab Muslims living in the Middle East who have never had the Gospel proclaimed to them in a culturally relevant way.  Of these, more than half live in extreme poverty, daily facing physical and economic hardships that most westerners can hardly begin to comprehend. 


Systematic injustice, domestic violence, a lack of basic healthcare, unsanitary living conditions, extremely limited educational opportunities, broken families, ongoing wars, corrupt governments, and a lack of jobs have crippled and paralyzed many of these people, trapping them in a deep sense of hopelessness.  This hopelessness with not lift until the transforming power of the Gospel takes root in the slum communities of the Arab Muslim World.

There currently are only a handful of staff actively reaching out to the urban poor Muslims in the Arab World, and there is not one single known reproducing Jesus-following movement happening among this large bloc of people.  We want to see this change and are willing to lay down our very lives in order to see a culturally appropriate, holistic movement toward Jesus spread throughout the entire Arab World.