Thailand, otherwise known as the land of smiles, has been a nation since the dawn of civilization in Asia. It is a beautiful country with diverse natural landscapes, a rich history and culture, inspiring buildings, both ancient and modern, world famous cuisine, and warm, hospitable people. Thailand is the most Buddhist nation in the world, with roughly 95% of its 65 million people adhering to Thai Folk Buddhism.


Located in the inner city of Bangkok, Bang Rak is where wealth and poverty intersect. It is home to Thailand's most prestigious banking institutions and its most infamous red light district. Hidden among some of Bangkok’s most elaborate high rises, 15 slum communities reside in the district of Bang Rak. These 15 slum communities house tens of thousands of people from around the country and the world who have flocked to the inner city in search of a better life.

The Servant Partners team in Bang Rak is called Friends of the City. We live and work among these 15 slum communities, seeking to be a prophetic witness that seeks the shalom of the city.  Our mission is to make life better for the urban poor in Bangkok through holistic education. We do this by partnering with and empowering local Thai leaders to make a difference in their society. Current programs include after-school homework clubs, Montessori-based child development, youth development, family outreach, mentoring, and bible storying.  In everything we do, we strive to invite people to have a life-transforming encounter with Jesus Christ that will ultimately transform their community.