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Thailand, otherwise known as the land of smiles, has been a nation since the dawn of civilization in Asia. It is a beautiful country with diverse natural landscapes, a rich history and culture, inspiring buildings, both ancient and modern, world famous cuisine, and warm, hospitable people. Thailand is the most Buddhist nation in the world, with roughly 95% of its 65 million people adhering to Thai Folk Buddhism.


An estimated 12 million people live in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Urban poor families living in Bangkok, face many challenges. Statistically, Bangkok has approximately 35,000 children living on the streets, 200,000 children involved in the commercial sex industry, and 2.5 million children living in single-parent homes. Studies consistently show that children living in fatherless homes are significantly more likely to experience physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Low-income families face a higher divorce rate and children in low-income families are more likely to work instead of completing high school. The recent impact of COVID-19 is creating even more financial hardship and tensions within the home.


Vision: We envision a holistic church planting movement that  transforms its society by relationally loving and serving the poor in their midst.


Mission: We exist to to strengthen and equip churches to lead poor communities, families and individuals to experience the shalom of God.


We accomplish this mission through strategic partnerships with local agencies. Our current partnerships include:

  1. Santisuk Families: a holistic family development program in partnership with the Christian Volunteer Association in Bangkok. This is a one-year mentoring program for families living in poverty that includes teaching on God's view of family, budgeting, parenting, child protection, interpersonal skills and conflict resolution. The program also includes the development of an income-generating project for eligible families.

  2. Santisuk Scholarship Program: offers youth and adults aged 14 and up from low-income communities affordable English education at a Christian English school. The Santisuk English School offers a certificate program recognized by the Ministry of Education in Thailand. Therefore, this scholarship program improves the academic and career opportunities of scholarship recipients who complete the program. Moreover, the Santisuk English School and Church offers scholarship recipients relationships that introduce non-believers to the Christian faith and Christian mentoring that enhances a student's ability to reflect meaningfully on their lives. 

  3. Christian Mentoring:  we offer training in interpersonal skills, lay counseling, and Biblical storying to equip Christian leaders in ministry. Through partnerships with YWAM Counseling Ministry and other Christian agencies, as well as through training developed within our own site, we work with pastors and lay leaders who desire to grow in mentoring, making disciples, and reaching the poor in holistic ways.

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