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Mexico City is ranked the 22nd best performing economy in the Americas and 1st in Latin America. However, there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. It is estimated that the wealthiest 10% of Mexicans control 43% of the country’s total income, while the poorest 10% hold less than 2%.


Mexico City has a population of 24.5 million people. 44.2% of its inhabitants live under poverty, and 33.7% of those live under a moderate poverty and at least 10.5% live under extreme poverty, and that 10.5% lives in squalid conditions in slums. It is estimated that there are 835 slums in Mexico City.


We are working in 5 communities in 4 municipalities in the southern part of Mexico City; namely, Chalco, Los Reyes, Texcoco and Chimalhuacan. These have a combined total of 1,085 million people. Apart from the work in Chimalhuacan, our work in the other three municipalities is in emerging communities. These communities are characterised by violence, lack of access to basic services (like electricity, water, schools, etc.), no churches, idolatry, youth delinquency, broken families, etc.


Vision: We envision a growing movement of Jesus Communities/Churches involved in the holistic transformation of their neighbors’ lives and communities. 


Mission: We exist to establish Jesus Communities that disciple their neighbors and communities to see SHALOM established in their communities.


We are actively involved in:

  1. Church planting in 5 communities. In addition to personal evangelism and relational evangelism, our church planting model is based on evangelistic bible study small groups of 5 to 8 people. 

  2. Kids Ministry: We have kids ministries running in 2 of our communities. These programs, which are bible based, are run on Saturdays. 

  3. Inner Healing Ministry: This program targets women and men that are going through psycho-emotional challenges. We are working to bring healing not just to individuals but to families through this program. 

Our desire is to cover all the 9 signs of transformation through our community outreach programs. Hence; we are inviting people that feel called to work in Mexico City in the following areas:

  • Church Planting

  • Community Health Projects 

  • Kids Ministry 

  • Youths Ministry 

  • Community Organizing

  • Economic Development

  • Family health 


Please note that these positions require people that have a heart for developing local leaders. We believe that real community transformation can only take place when we have well equipped local leaders  working with and for their communities.

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