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Interns live, learn, and pursue God together to discern their call to ministry with the urban poor.


Are you exploring a call to ministry in urban poor communities, but uncertain what that call looks like? What kinds of skill development, discipleship, and discernment do you need to follow Him? 

In our short term internships, you have a unique opportunity to ask God to show you how to listen to His call and witness His transformation in urban poor communities. Interns live incarnationally and join in the ongoing ministry of a site. In our one to two year internships, you can grow in the skills, character, and spirituality needed to thrive in urban ministry. If you love Jesus, want to participate in Kingdom work, and enjoy learning through doing, then this internship is for you.

SHORT-TERM (2-6 Months)

LONG-TERM (1-2 Years)

Join the journey of hope amidst urban poverty.

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