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East Los Angeles is an unincorporated area in Los Angeles County, California, United States, home to 120,000 people. It has the highest percentage of Hispanic people in the country, about half of whom are foreign born. In the early 1900s, East LA was a popular immigrant destination, employing people to run the machines of growing war industries. Since then, its economy has diversified to include taco trucks and panaderías at every street corner. Its rich Mexican culture, however, has continued to grow. East LA has become a center for Chicano arts, culture, and literature. At the same time, it remains at the lower end of the charts in income, unemployment, higher education, and health.


The East Los Angeles team is partnered with Hope Community Church of East LA. Hope Community Church is a multi-ethnic church in the heart of East Los Angeles that seeks to renew people's love for Jesus, for their neighborhood, and for the world. We currently have a Sunday service, small groups in the neighborhood, a growing youth group, and an apprentice program to train both local leaders and relocators to engage with the community. Our team is also initiating various community development efforts in the form of a listening project to deepen our connection to the city. East LA is also the location of the Servant Partners Internship program where we invite people to spend a year living in community and discover what intentional, incarnational life with an Urban Church looks like.


Ministry can look like anything from Pastoring a church, to leading a basketball team, to tutoring kids, to eating pozole, to watching movies with neighbors. The team has a passion for holistic evangelism, building relationships with our neighbors, developing urban youth and local leadership, and listening to our community. 

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