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Philadelphia, the birthplace of American democracy, is now the poorest large city in the US. Servant Partners staff live and work in North Philly, where a vibrant manufacturing system once supported working class neighborhoods where someone could leave their job and walk down the street to get a new one the very same day. Forty years of disinvestment in businesses, housing, and even churches and schools have left this marginalized community more resilient and determined to work together to find mutual healing and support.


Our Servant Partners team in Philadelphia is working together with their neighbors to address these issues through local leadership development and a community organizing effort to build positive community relationships and make the neighborhood safer and cleaner. The team also runs a community-based welding program, where people come together across ethnic, class, and racial lines to grow together and learn a skill to use in their careers. The Philadelphia site is developing discipleship groups for local believers and a Dance for Transformation ministry.


Our Philadelphia team is looking to expand, specifically with a diverse staff team comprised of people who are interested in community organizing, walking alongside their neighbors, evangelism, discipleship, and trauma healing ministries. To join us or learn more about our ministry, contact

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