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Thank you for contacting Servant Partners! We will be in touch with you soon to get to know you and discern with you about God's leading to urban marginalized communities.

Servant Partners will work with you to find a unique role that reflects your passions, talents, and God’s call on your life.


As a member of Servant Partners, you can start a new team, join field staff, host retreat homes for our staff, or help train urban ministers as an Internship staff member.


As part of our Support and Equipping Staff, you can use your gifts in leadership, administration, teaching, training, or pastoring. Staff at Research & Innovation sites have taught English, helped to start new businesses, and trained developing world agents of change.​


​Servant Partners sends, equips, and trains those who want to share their lives with the urban poor and see urban neighborhoods transformed. We emphasize relationships, flexibility, creativity, and risk-taking in ministry.


For our staff, Servant Partners is not just an employer, but a community of believers with a shared calling and a common spirituality. Servant Partners is donor-supported, and staff fundraise to cover salary and program expenses.


Many of the positions described below can be adapted to fit your availability: full-time or part-time, paid or bi-vocational.


We encourage you to start the conversation by emailing the listed contact person or


Bangkok, Thailand

Contact person: Suzy Triplett, The Bang Rak site focuses on providing holistic education to people of all ages who live in slum communities in the city of Bangkok. We seek to do this in partnership with local churches and other Christian groups in the city. All positions require an initial commitment to language learning (8 - 15 hours per week depending on your language school preference), participation in weekly team meetings (2-4 hours per week), and an annual team retreat. an initial commitment to language learning (eight hours per week), participation in weekly team meetings (two hours per week), and an annual team retreat. Friends of the City Team Member: Our local ministry is called Friends of the City. We are currently seeking team members to live with and build relationships with people living in inner city slums and to assist in one or more aspects of ministry. Current ministries include English language teaching for all ages, STEM education, mentoring children and youth, storytelling, and building partnerships. Teaching English is one core responsibility of this position. In addition, we would work to build a job description that works with the team member’s specific gifts, personality, and the current needs of the overall ministry. Past ministries have included photography classes, sports outreach, and homework clubs.

East LA, CA, USA

Contact Person: Chris Rattay, Church Plant Team Member: New Life Community Church in Lincoln Heights has launched a small team to plant in unincorporated East LA called Hope Community Church. We are seeking team members who are excited to be in a pioneering context. It is a minimum two-year commitment to work with our lead pastor there in various capacities: new relational building, discipleship of new Christians, planning and executing outreach events, and facilitating small groups. We would work to build a job description that works with gifts and personality. Perseverance, emotional security, and a highly motivated self-starter are prerequisites. Worship Team Director: New Life Community Church in Lincoln Heights is seeking a person with a heart and skill to lead people into the presence of Jesus on a weekly basis. We can work with either part-time or full-time. Person would be responsible for worship ministry on Sunday Services, planning praise sets, training and organizing volunteer worship team members. Also, would work with the senior staff to coordinate worship times in and pioneer out of regular Sunday service. We desire openness to power gifts expressed in love but submitted to edifying order. Regular relationship with Jesus, perseverance, and emotional security are prerequisites. Youth Ministry Team Member: New Life Community Church in Lincoln Heights is seeking a person with a heart and skill to help young folks follow Jesus. We are seeking team members who are excited to be in a pioneering context as well as walk in the value for disciple-making. They will be asked to submit to work with a team in various capacities: new relational building, discipleship of new youth, planning and executing outreach events, and facilitating small groups. Regular relationship with Jesus, perseverance, and flexibility are prerequisites.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Contact person: Trevor Davies, We are looking for people interested in using health and sport to develop and empower local leaders and particularly youth. We are also interested in folks who are passionate about reconciliation across economic and racial lines who want to be a part of equipping and leading efforts to help folks find common ground and to work together. Youth sports activists: We are praying for a team of young folks who love sports, exercise and outdoor activities to coordinate and run youth programs. Internship staff: We are praying for someone with a heart to develop and train international and local internship program. Incarnational bridge builders: We are praying for diverse individuals and families to join us in living cross-culturally and cross-economically to model the Kingdom of God in our divided society. Business entrepreneurs & economic developers: We are praying for folks who have a passion and gifting for business development and creating pathways towards employment. Art activists: We are praying for people who are passionate about using the arts for creating places that help to navigate ways out of trauma, as well as forms of activism and protest. Admin activists: We are praying for those with a passion and gifting to hold all the pieces together.

Managua, Nicaragua

Contact Person: Phillip and Beauty Ndoro,, ESL Tutors: Create a new world of opportunity for Nicaraguans by teaching English. In Nicaragua, a country with an unemployment rate greater than 50%, speaking English almost guarantees full-time employment. We are seeking staff to tutor small groups of youth and adults. Children’s Ministry Facilitator: We are looking for a person to work with our children’s ministry. This individual will be responsible for Conquistando Barreras (the education program) and Ninos de Shalom (Shalom Kids). S/he will work with a team of local volunteers and will be responsible for training and discipling them. Community Health Facilitator: Develop and coordinate health care and health education in the community. The incumbent will be responsible for recruiting and training health promoters. S/he will be responsible for networking with medical groups in Nicaragua and elsewhere to bring better healthcare to the slum. Community health/ Medical/ Nursing or related background is desirable but not a must have. Youth Ministry Facilitators: Seize the opportunity to minister to the many youth in the community who spend their days on the street by bringing fun, beauty, and meaning into their lives. Looking for persons who have some of the following qualities and interests: love for youth, creativity, soccer, baseball, basketball, teaching the Bible and more. Economic Development Facilitator: Develop a system in the community where entrepreneurs with limited creativity and few resources can develop a self-sustaining business and create jobs for others. Basic requirements:

  • should have basic conversational Spanish
  • minimum 2 year commitment
  • should be willing to work in a multicultural team

Manila, The Philippines

No current openings

Marseille, France

Contact Person: Zach Powell, Sports Activist: Holistic adult aerobics and health club groups among Muslim women. Also many opportunities to spend time with refugees and local immigrant children through sports activities. We have developed models of weaving in Kingdom values and ethics, not to mention deeper community participation. Immigrant and refugee communities tend to neglect the body, and it’s an opportunity. Candidates would also have to be ready for taking some risks and must speak (or learn to speak) French. Arts and Trauma Counseling: As with other SP sites, there is huge need to accompany recent refugees and immigrants into deeper healing through “therapeutic arts” and inner healing times. There is great openness to these methods, and among Muslims there is more freedom in France than in some other locations. This candidate would also have to be ready for taking some risks and must speak (learn to speak) French - though some refugees can communicate in Arabic and/or English as French is being learned. Teacher (ESL, tutoring, French, life skills, etc): Teaching is the easiest way to meet and get to know our immigrant neighbors in Marseille. Whether through teaching ESL to children or adults, participating in a tutoring program, or by teaching other kinds of desired skills (vocational training, sports, business, etc) – this is a great onramp into people's lives. These teachings would need to be conducted with Kingdom principles and with a focus on ethics, transformation and the option to know Jesus. If you enjoy teaching, want to learn French, and want to connect with urban poor Muslims in France – this is a good option. Church Planter and Teacher: We are partnering with a few local churches that are growing and having an impact in Marseille, however few of them have managed to impact the urban poor and immigrant populations. We have considerable freedom to start small groups in a more indigenous and culturally appropriate manner, with the option of integrating them into larger worship meetings if it seems that it will not hurt the movement. Trying to keep a balance between edgy Bible Studies and the exploration of scripture in culturally relevant ways and an attempt to connect people to a larger part of the body. This is a long-term position, needing the candidate to first work their way to a solid French language level and integrate into the Muslim immigrant community of Marseille. It would also require lots of creativity, willingness to risk, and persistence as few have managed this in the past. Kingdom Business / Urban Farming / Alternative Commerce: At least a few of us on the Marseille team are considering starting some kind of creative business that would also benefit our urban poor neighbors. There is a rich tradition of starting Kingdom businesses, but there are few who also live in the communities where these businesses are started. The business context can be a great place to disciple. Because “traditional work” is not always available to illegal immigrants or legal refugees, we are looking into alternative commerce methods like online-barter platforms to value and reward work, without violating local laws. This candidate would also have to be ready for taking some risks, working in a difficult business environment (Europe), and must speak (or learn to speak) French.

Middle East

Contact person: James Williams,
The Middle East site focuses on the holistic development of the refugee community in a major Middle Eastern city Through our community center we provide educational and social opportunities, community organizing and service activities, and leadership development, and as a team we promote the spiritual and emotional growth of refugee neighbors. All positions require an initial commitment to language learning, participation in regular team meetings and prayer meetings, and living in an urban poor neighborhood.
Team Member: We are currently seeking team members willing to commit several years to living among and building relationships with refugees and to join us in ministry. Current activities include social and cultural events, community organizing efforts, English language teaching, various adult education classes, and leadership development, as well as praying and sharing with neighbors and providing discipleship and support for new believers. Teaching English and assisting in the administration of a community center are two core responsibility of this position, shared among the team. There are opportunities for new activities as well that fit into the overall vision of the site.

North Africa

Contact Person: Samuel Robinson, Grass Roots Networker/Researcher: Seeking staff to spend significant time forming relationships and learning from neighbors and other locals, with the long term goal of using the resulting knowledge and experience to help modify/design programs. Basic Requirements: New Site. Three-year minimum commitment (which includes nine months of French language study prior to arrival). Multilingual culture. Important Strengths: Enjoys meeting new people, inquisitive, listens well, is able to work without significant structure. Other Bonus Attributes (not required): French language skills or gifted language learner.

Oakland, CA, USA

Contact Person: Nic Bekaert, Oakland Staff: The primary responsibility for this role is to further the Oakland site’s mission & vision; specifically, incarnationally develop local leaders to help plant and foster a locally-led Jesus Community that will transform our community. "Returners", Spanish speakers, and/or People of Color strongly encouraged to inquire.

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Contact Person: Servant Partners Philadelphia is looking for mature Christians to join us as we seek to partner with our neighbors in transforming our North Philly neighborhood. We need people who have a high level of personal responsibility for their work, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a diverse skill set. It’s important that our teammates be committed to cross cultural relationships and pursuing reconciliation, are lifelong learners, and speak or have a willingness to learn Puerto Rican Spanish. This team is incarnational, so workers will move into our neighborhood in North Philadelphia. We are looking for all kinds of people with different skills and interests, so please contact to start the conversation. Some specific current opportunities include: Economic Development Specialist: Assess the neighborhood for economic development opportunities, partner with other development organizations, work with Site Leaders to develop an economic development strategy, potentially lead a social enterprise or entrepreneurship training program. Community Organizer: Develop relationships in the community and co-lead community organizing effort in the neighborhood. Coordinate working groups, plan meetings, delegate responsibilities, and manage relationships with neighbors and neighborhood leaders. Develop leaders within the community organizing movement. Internship Staff: Primary staff responsible for preparing for and leading a team of 4-6 interns. Half of the Internship Staff’s time will be training and mentoring interns, half of their time will be devoted to work in the community.

Pomona, CA, USA

No current openings.

Richmond, VA, USA

Contact Person: Murray Withrow, Discipleship Group Apprentice In partnership with another Servant Partners staff member, a discipleship group apprentice will help lead a discipleship group. It is a small group (~6-12 people) of similarly aged young men or women who live in Richmond’s Church Hill neighborhood. The purpose of the discipleship group is to walk with young men and women through adolescence and into adulthood, sharing the good news of Jesus, developing trusting relationships, and encouraging maturity into adulthood. Ideally, discipleship group leaders remain connected with youth through high school graduation. They meet formally once per week, with opportunity for informal connection as well. The neighborhood context is a majority African-American demographic, so African-Americans are strongly encouraged to apply. Job Description Application

San José, CA, USA

Contact Person: Cayla Sanderlin, San José Internship staff: Full-time staff to help to expand the Servant Partners internship to East San José. Interns are living incarnationally for 22 months, and staff would lead Bible studies in Luke and Acts, help to lead seminars, mentor interns, and liaison with partnering churches. Bridge Communities staff: Staff needed to help start a relational poverty alleviation program in San José. Staff would work with individuals and families wanting to move out of poverty through a program like Circles. Staff would help to coordinate weekly meetings, recruit mentors from churches, and walk alongside families through the 18-month process. Community Organizer: Full-time staff to concentrate on local policy work. The Community Organizer would work with the neighborhood associations in our areas and with our neighbors to increase civic participation and cultivate systems that work for constituents, drawing on interns, Shalom Iglesia and Bridge Communities.

Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Contact Person: Katelyn Siggelkow, New Site Team Members: Join the team that is launching a new site in Saskatoon. We are looking for team members who are excited to be part of shaping the vision for the future of Servant Partners Saskatoon. Together, we will participate in community organizing to see the many diverse populations in this community come together around common hopes and longings for our neihgbourhood. A willingness to learn from and listen to the neighbourhood is key to this planting role, and a high level of initiative, creativity, and a "learn as we go" attitude are essential. Mature Christians who understand how the "good news" is good for them and their neighbour will thrive in this role as we pursue healing and transformation alongside our neighbours.

South LA, CA, USA

No current openings

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Contact person: Vancouver Site Team Member: We are looking for members to join an existing site in Vancouver, BC. Our team is currently working on three priorities: church planting, grassroots community organizing, and (more recently) economic opportunity creation. Our neighbourhood is home to a significant number of new immigrant, refugee, and First Nations (Native American) families. It is a very diverse community and requires an ability to operate in several cultures almost simultaneously. We are looking for additional members to join our work — including (but not limited to) those with interest in the following roles: Social Enterprise Developer: We have an active group of SP team members and neighbours working on initiatives to create income-generating work opportunities for our neighbourhood. We currently run the Strathcona Artisan Market, which aims to be a catalyst for the our low-income neighbours in developing small businesses. We are exploring new opportunities in the area of micro-finance and small business start-up mentorship, as well as social enterprise development. We are looking for individuals interested in working on any of these projects, and particularly someone that might take the lead developer role in creating a neighbourhood social enterprise. Muslim Outreach Worker: Through our work of community engagement and evangelism, we have built a significant network of Muslim friends, many of whom are refugees from Syria. We are looking to move into a more intentional season of engaging Muslim families and individuals in the neighbourhood, and would love to add others to our team as we do so. Children and Youth Ministry: Because we have identified working with families in the local social housing complexes as a team priority for some years, we have been developing a number of avenues for engaging with children — including kids and youth ministry with our church partner, and innovative tutoring at the neighbourhood elementary school. We need individuals interested in working with a focus on families and kids to join us. Internship Coordinator: We run a 20 month internship full of intensive skills training, spiritual formation and discipleship through workshops, coaching, mentoring, volunteering and self-directed learning. We are looking for a team member who can take over the role of coordinating this program. Servant Partners Canada Administrator: Principal Administrator for Servant Partners Canada. Responsible for donor database and maintaining donor relations. Devise and maintain office systems to support executive directors and field staff. Manage and maintain multiple budgets. Implement human resource policies, procedures and practices of the organization. Must be willing to learn Canadian specific laws concerning taxes, employment and other compliance issues.

Servant Partners Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and we hire without regard to race, color, ancestry, national origin, citizenship, age, sex, marital status, parental status, political ideology, or disability of an otherwise qualified individual; as a faith-based organization we exercise our right to only hire candidates who affirm our statement of faith and share our religious commitments.


We would love to get to know you and discern together. If you have questions or would like to talk, please contact us here!

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