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Fruit of Forgiveness

Beauty (pictured, left) and Phillip, SP staff in Managua, share testimonies of how Jesus is changing hearts and minds through adult discipleship and pastoral networks within their urban community.


Juana*, a woman whom I (Beauty) have been discipling, reached a defining point in her marriage. One day, she shared with me:

My heart was so moved this week!  I went home last night, and I asked my husband for forgiveness.  I've been treating him like he's insufficient. I told him how much I love him.  He smiled and said, 'I love you so much.' He had no parenting at all. From what he came from, he's a really good father.  I am so thankful and excited about what God has for our family!

Juana’s is just one of many who shared of the new vision they have for their families and relationships.

Javier* is a pastor that Phillip has been coaching.  He shared:

My thinking is changing.  I didn't understand that pushing people to forgive left a wound open.  Now I know that I need to walk with people to heal the woundedness, not just look for a quick solution.  This will greatly transform the way I preach, disciple, and talk to people!

As Phillip gathered and talked with a group of pastors from our surrounding communities—many of whom had never met before our gathering—we saw a passion ignite to work together to develop our slum community, something for which we have been praying for years.

We thank God for this wonderful fruit, the result of your faithful prayers and support!  It has lead us to a defining moment; we are more excited than ever to grow and sustain the changes we see in Juana, Javier, and many others in Nicaragua!

Continue to keep the nation of Nicaragua and the future of our ministry in Managua in your prayers.

*Names changed to protect privacy

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