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Sabor á México

Mark, SP staff in San Antonio, shares how a little support can help a local family business realize its full potential.


Sabor á México is a Mexican food business that was started this past year by one of our church members Maria*. The Servant Partners team in San Antonio helped her to obtain a loan to expand the business by purchasing equipment. Sabor á México caters truly authentic Mexican food, and we hope the business will continue to grow and impact our community.

At the beginning of this process, we went through a selection process with various candidates in our community who were interested in starting a business. In partnership with a business consultant who works with Servant Partners, we interviewed several candidates. We selected Maria’s business and hope other enterprise models will follow in the future.

Maria is a key member of our local church. She escaped violence in Mexico and now lives in San Antonio with her family. The family previously operated a business in Mexico and started a small-scale business here in addition to their full time jobs. Additional support would help this business reach its full time potential.

The food made by Sabor á México is really great quality. The market in San Antonio for Mexican food is very competitive, but this food offers something special. Maria is now working full time on the business building her client base in and around the city. Servant Partners is working hard to help Maria gain entry into new markets where the profit margins for food would be slightly higher.

Our dream and vision for this business is that it would continue to expand and will help to lift others out of poverty as well. We hope that Maria will be able to employ other neighbors in the future as the business grows. We are excited for the future this kingdom-minded business will bring. If you are in the San Antonio area, please get involved in helping to spread the word about Sabor á México and help us reach new clients!

*Name changed to protect privacy

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