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Official Statement Against Anti-Asian Racism and Violence

As many of you are aware, there has been a dramatic increase in verbal and physical violence against Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders since the beginning of the pandemic. This animus was tragically fanned by some of the United States’ national leadership. In the last few weeks, we have even seen shocking physical attacks against elderly Asian-Americans in Northern California and New York, which have resulted in injury and death. It is grievous that members of our families and communities are experiencing racial aggressions and might not feel safe in their own neighborhoods.

As a ministry committed to the God-given dignity and value of all people, we condemn this deplorable trend of violence against Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders, as well as the lies and racial hatred which undergird it. As we seek justice, we have to rebuke the prejudice that would blame certain groups for our nation's struggles. History has proven time and time again that laying blame on marginalized groups can quickly escalate to horrific consequences. Join us in praying for the Lord’s comfort for all who have been impacted by both long-term and recent racial violence against Asian-Americans.

May God continue to give us opportunities to stand in the gap and call our nation to repentance.

In Christ,

Derek and Lisa Engdahl


You can read the official statement issued by Servant Partners Canada here.

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