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Now on Audiobook: Words to Walk By

Now available on audiobook, Chris Rattay's Words to Walk By is a universal discipleship guide and memorial to his Lincoln Heights community


Words to Walk By is a product of more than a decade of church planting,” Chris Rattay said. Chris is Servant Partners staff in Lincoln Heights, California and author of Words to Walk By: A Discipleship Guide to the Sermon on the Mount. He currently pastors New Life Community Church—a community whose profound experiences of transformation and discipleship are memorialized in this book.

“This book is packed with stories of how the gospel changes lives,” said John Hernandez, Servant Partners staff in East Los Angeles.

In Words to Walk By, Chris addresses several key discipleship issues embedded in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount: sin, servanthood, racial and class unity, money management, generosity, conflict resolution, forgiveness, sexual sin, anger, suffering, and more. The book is also a testimony, full of reflections and stories of courage, love, and transformation in his Lincoln Heights community. Chris invites readers to learn from each others' experiences as we face the ever-challenging 'basics' of living for Jesus.

“Our community doesn’t have a lot of physical wealth or social capital, but the stories you will read in this book are testimonies to their incredible spiritual wealth,” Chris said.

Designed to be read across class, race, and levels of Biblical literacy, this book is an excellent resource for individual readers seeking to understand Jesus, one-on-one mentoring, or for small groups and churches.

“I really appreciated how the author shared his own thoughts, but also shared the narratives of the people in his own church—narratives that we don’t always get to hear,” said Dr. LaTiera Haynes, a community member and Chris’ co-host of “What About Us?” podcast. “I’ve shared with friends and told them how amazing it is to have a book that is not just focused on theology alone, but theology in practice.”

Now on audiobook narrated by Chris Rattay, you can purchase Words to Walk By at

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