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5 Reasons the East LA Internship is Right for You

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

The 2024 East LA internship creates an experiential space to discern God's call to urban ministry

Los Angeles, California, USA | Photo by Abbie Bernet

God is doing a wonderful work in East Los Angeles–and through Servant Partners’ one-year 2024 internship, you can join in! This experiential mission opportunity gives leaders the opportunity to explore a call to urban ministry by committing to life, training, and discipleship in a missional community. Here are 5 reasons it might be right for you:

  1. Discern your call to ministry alongside urban marginalized communities. There’s no time like the present to follow God’s leading. This internship gives you a unique opportunity to embody a practice of listening to God’s call and witness God’s transformation in the inner-city. You’ll get equipped by experienced leaders and firsthand learning with the skills, character, and spirituality needed to thrive in urban ministry.

  2. Get to know ministry as being, not doing. It’s said that “everybody wants a revolution but nobody wants to do the dishes.” The internship teaches you to be a revolutionary that does the dishes by focusing on incarnation–the ministry of living and being with others. You’ll commit to living in community with a team and sharing your life with your neighbors, in the same place that you serve. It’s from this place of presence that we can experience God’s transformation breaking forth.

  3. Be a part of a team! Teams are essential witnesses to God’s Kingdom. Jesus sends his disciples out in community for mission, and diverse internship teams are these kinds of missional communities in the city. In a team, interns bond and grow by living together, praying together, serving together, and learning to love and reconcile with one another.

  4. Tres palabras (Three words): Los Cinco Puntos (an East LA staple!)

  5. Adult life can be tough–get some good discipleship to set you up well. We welcome everyone to the internship, but young adults in particular can benefit from formative discipleship as they enter adulthood. Through trusting relationships and mentorship, you’ll grow in obedience and maturity in Jesus. In the spirit of Jeremiah 29:7, you’ll find that working for the city’s transformation involves your own transformation.

The East LA internship is accepting applications for 2024 until April 2, 2022. If you’re interested, our Mobilization staff are glad to start the conversation about how God might be calling you to minister among the urban poor. You can learn more and apply at

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