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As a prophetic witness to the transience of Los Angeles as a port city and a city segregated by long commutes, the Church of the Redeemer and non-profit Redeemer Community Partnership focus their energies on a small geographic region near the University of Southern California. Some of the founding members of the community moved into the neighborhood from USC in response to the racial riots that engulfed the city in 1992 and have sought the welfare of the city ever since.  

Servant Partners is in ministry with this South Los Angeles church community, seeking to respond to God's call to be a multicultural and cross class church. Racial and class divisions are also rampant in Los Angeles with most churches being mono-racial and economically segregated in one of the world's most diverse cities. With the Church of the Redeemer community, we seek to live out the reality that the dividing walls of hostility are broken down in Jesus. Together, we intercede for and seek to live out unity through bilingual and multicultural church ministry, tutoring programs, seeking positive change in local schools, leadership development, and children and youth ministries.  

Our Servant Partners staff that are part of the community are focused primarily on ministry through the local church. Others focus on developing interns as they bring them along in ministering locally. These interns often end up serving around the globe in SP or with similar ministries after their training. Another staff is our organization wide intercessor coordinator and participates in the life of this church.

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