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Johannesburg is a city of contrasts. While it holds a rich diversity of tribes, races and cultures, it also bears the scars of apartheid, which has left behind a city and nation divided along racial and economic lines. It has an unemployment rate of 35%, with black people making up the majority of the unemployed.


Our team is working to bridge those divides by uniting empowered people to bring holistic health and transformation to their communities. We hope for middle-class churches that embrace the multi-ethnicity of the broader South African demographic and work toward justice and health. We long to see the Kingdom of God come, where those of all races, cultures, and economic backgrounds are working together toward the shalom of God.

Through relationships, we are creating pathways and platforms of trust that allow us to connect cultures, develop leaders, and disciple Jesus followers. We are mentoring youth to become new leaders in their communities, started a women’s exercise group that includes spiritual and emotional mentoring, and are connecting middle- and lower-class churches to work toward justice.

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