Servant Partners - Blog We seek Jesus together by living and serving among the world's urban poor The Sports for Change Project Where sports, play, and transformation meet Christmas and the Solstice Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Christmas on December 25th?  Do you already know?  It is not because Jesus was born on December 25th.  No one knows the actual date of Jesus’ birth.  The Bible doesn’t tell us.  Centuries passed in the early Christian Church before December 25 became the date on which Christmas was celebrated. When We Were Lonely and Lost Join our Servant Partners staff in prayer from a global perspective during this Advent season.  This week, Laurie, SP Member Care staff, reflects on loneliness and surprise during Christmas in Honduras. Welcoming to Worship Join our Servant Partners staff in prayer from a global perspecitve during this Advent season.  This week, Laurie, the Member Care Director, reflects on her time in Nicaragua and invites us to welcome others and to welcome worship into our homes this Christmas. Post-Election From an SP Staff When the kingdoms of Israel and Judah were being invaded by the Assyrians 2700 years ago, fear and dread flooded both nations. Political systems were undergoing radical changes as the mighty Assyrian army from the north threatened to wipe out the people. Out of fear, their leaders sought political alliances for protection. However, the word of the Lord came to them through Isaiah: