south asia

We seek to fight poverty among South Asia's urban poor communities.



Millions of people in South Asia live in slum colonies that are chronically overcrowded and lack even the most basic amenities. 

Other factors contribute to a poor education infrastructure and high levels of illiteracy.  Government schools are overburdened and understaffed, and only the rich can afford private schools.  In addition, discrimination against lower castes has resulted in high dropout and low school enrollment rates.  It is estimated that at least 35 million, and possibly as many as 60 million, South Asian children aged 6–14 years are not in school.

We are actively addressing these challenges through partnerships with indigenous ministries that share our goal of urban slum transformation.  Our teams live in the slums in order to more fully understand the challenges that urban slum dwellers face as well as to build credibility with local leaders.  Once able to speak the language and understand the culture, team members engage in training and equipping of local leaders and neighbors in skills such as English language development, grass roots advocacy, finding employment, and leadership training through story telling.