Sustainable change through economic development


Uganda is a small country in East Africa, roughly the size of the state of Oregon. While it is a landlocked country, it is one of three countries bordering Lake Victoria and hosts the source of the River Nile. Its small size makes its various forms of diversity all the more staggering, with over forty distinct living languages (as well as multiple dialects within those languages) and such rich natural resources that it is nicknamed the “Pearl of Africa.” Uganda has seen its fair share of human tragedies (AIDS crisis, civil war, the terrifying dictatorship of Idi Amin) and its people are confronted by many challenges even today. However, for several decades, it has enjoyed being one of the most politically stable countries in East Africa. 

Our team is situated in the capital city of Kampala. For our inaugural project, our team is working with a group of seventeen bead-making artisans in the Achioli quarter of Kampala’s broader slum area of Banda.

Our vision is to work to empower urban poor communities in Kampala by working with their key leaders (especially in NGOs and churches). We invite them to gather together in order to identify felt needs and resources within their neighborhood, building their capacity to take action to meet those needs. Among the many needs that were expressed by local leaders were economic empowerment programs. We will assist in the design and implementation of initial programming, and then work with these leaders to assess progress and decide together how to move forward.