core values

Transformation alongside the urban poor

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Core Values

The six core values below are the foundation of our ministry.  They underlie our work, our relationships, and our strategies.

Our great joy in Jesus leads us to want to grow closer to him by choosing to imitate him, choosing to serve. We can only truly serve as we choose to incarnate with the same love he showed in coming down to dwell with us. As we do that, we follow his commands to make disciples of all nations, knowing that discipleship calls us all to do justice as we walk humbly. And in all this, we pray, and seek, and know that if we can be transformed, so can our communities, our neighborhoods, and our world.

                                                                         Joy in God
"For the joy set before him..." We believe that we are created to find our joy in God just as Jesus sought the joy set before him by God. Our joy in God is source from which we live our calling to the following five core values.
'The first will be last, and the last first.' Jesus willingly chose great personal cost and suffering for our sake. We follow Him by sacrificially serving our urban poor neighbors in concrete ways.
'The Word became flesh and lived among us.' We live in neighborhoods among the world's urban poor, walking alongside them day by day and sharing in their lives and sufferings. We contextualize our lives and message by embracing the local culture.
Making Disciples
'Go and make disciples of all nations.' We emphasize not simply gaining conversions or church-goers, but rather forming faith communities of disciples who are growing in maturity and obedience to Christ Jesus.
'I the Lord love justice.' God cares deeply about the systems that oppress the poor and marginalized, and requires His people to work for justice in society. We join Him in that work by equipping the poor to become effective advocates and agents of change for themselves, and inviting the powerful to be a part of the solution in practical ways.
'Seek the peace and prosperity of the city where I've sent you.' We work for the transformation not only of individual lives, but of communities and nations. We encourage partnerships of mutual transformation between our neighbors and people with resources and power. As we live and minister among the poor, we seek to be transformed ourselves. Our indicators for transformation are summarized in our Nine Signs


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