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The transformation of a community is a broad work involving many layers of that community (See our 9 signs).  Thus, we believe God calls many from all walks of life and occupations into this mission in a city.  

Here is one story of how Tom Hsieh, now a CEO of a technology firm, has chosen God's kingdom of transformative mission over any bottom line of profit:

"When I graduated from college, God pointed two things out to me: He has a heart for the poor, and I didn’t. So I decided to place my self where I could develop a heart for the poor. After graduating from one of the best engineering colleges in the nation, I passed up many lucrative job offers to join Servant Partner’s work in Pomona, CA and I took an hourly job as a computer technician. But even on that salary, I made more than I needed, so God started disciplining me in giving. Over the years, my wife and I have continued to give and we have also continued to live in an inner-city community. Some might say those that we give to are the ones receiving from our lives of faith.  But doing this kind of giving – putting time as well as money into Servant Partners and Pomona Hope – has saved my life. I could easily have lived a life that was boring and inconsequential. Instead I am graced with a life of love and meaning."

If you are interested in this kind of transformative mission, please feel free to contact Tom at:


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