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Jul 20, 2017

Author and SP staff Chris Rattay, shares a story in his recent book Words to Walk By about a neighbor who experienced breakthrough in forgiveness toward his father.

One of my friends grew up in a difficult neighborhood. His father died when he was very young, which kept him and his family stuck in government housing, or the "projects" as they're referred to here. He could tell you many stories of almost dying, or almost being locked away for a long time. He was a young boy without any direction or leadership from his father. The most difficult period for him was when his mother lost custody of him and his siblings for a few years, and he bounced around foster care. He was filled up with anger and hopelessness, wondering if he would make it past the age of twenty-five. 

Jul 19, 2017

David, SP staff in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, shares about Sandra, a woman in his community who has experienced breakthrough from fear. 

Every year our Discipleship School (a 7 month intensive for folks in our church community who want to commit to live out of the vision and values of Jesus) culminates in a short term cross cultural mission trip in which we put into practice all that we have learned.  For the past two years we have gone to work with Iglesia Comunidad Multicultural in Santiago, Dominican Republic.  We appreciate this site not only because they share so many of our values but because they are the ones that lead us as we learn from those who live there how to best minister to the communities they work with.

Jun 30, 2017

Cayla, SP staff in San Jose, shares about how she was learned true hospitality from a friend in the neighborhood. 

The most salient role of the missionary is to “bring the good news” of the Gospel to the nations. Indeed, the great commission of all believers is to be bearers of the Gospel in word and deed. But every time a person of faith steps into a context that is foreign and distant from where they grew up, they must rely on the hospitality of the people they have come to love. For they are the stranger in their new context.

Jun 16, 2017

Jen and Grace, SP staff in South Los Angeles, work in leadership at Church of the Redeemer, an SP partner church. Church of the Redeemer aims to invest in whole families in the neighborhood. Jen and Grace share the story of their most recent churchwide baptism ceremony. The transformation of one of the baptized youth encouraged the transformation of his whole family.

A few weeks ago on Mother’s Day, we had the joy of baptizing five youth in our worship service. We inflated and filled up our portable swimming pool at the back of the elementary school we rent out Sunday mornings, and the whole church stood around the pool and cheered and sang the old gospel hymn, “Wade in the Waters,” each time someone was baptized. It was especially moving to hear each youth share their testimony of how they came to faith in Jesus and why they were choosing to get baptized.

Jun 14, 2017

Kristen and Sprite live in Bangkok, Thailand. Each year they organize a soccer camp for boys in the community where they live. The camp is meant to be as much of a character building experience as it is to be an athletic experience. Kristen shares her story of this year's soccer camp. 

I didn’t think we were even going to make it to Soccer Camp. As I sat in the pick-up truck, every bad scenario of what could happen was flashing through my mind - and let me tell you, they weren’t pretty. The truck was silent. Our staff’s faces were pale and worried. We looked back every two seconds or so to check and see if the boys were okay.

We had just pulled out of the driveway to take six young boys from our slum, Samakki Pattana, to Sprite’s annual Soccer Camp. In five minutes the sky went from clear blue to black. Rain poured from the sky in buckets. And these boys were in the bed of the truck getting completely soaked.

There we were, stuck in Bangkok traffic (naturally) as the bed filled with water and the boys got drenched. We were all holding our breath. Lightning crashed and thunder roared and I was sure every kid had pneumonia already.

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