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Vancouver, BC - Today


Dec 23, 2017

Robert Lim is 13 years old and lives in DTES Vancouver, BC, with his dad and their entertaining housemates. He likes writing in his journal, especially writing rap music.  Step into his shoes and see the city through his eyes.


I wake up from my sleep in my old room with very little space. I walk downstairs where I see my dad cooking breakfast. Steve is leaving with his travel mug possibly going to visit his girlfriend, Vicki. I turn and notice Bill on the couch sipping his coffee casually. 

"I see them because they make up my community."

I am walking around the neighborhood with my dad who is on his scooter and we are going grocery shopping at our local marketplace.  The market is named Sunrise Market. As we pass by I see old houses, tall, rough looking trees, and some large complexes and buildings.  I encounter the people who make up my neighborhood and they are diverse, from various backgrounds.  I see poor, homeless, disabled and forgotten people. People, who are hurt, broken and injured on the streets, trying their best to survive. I see them because they make up my community.

I also see them helping one another.  How do they help each other? I see a young child waiting in a food line to get breakfast at the Union Gospel Mission.  He is waiting to get food to help his family who cannot afford groceries.  I am inspired by how kind he is because he decided to allow an elderly woman to get into the lineup. He decided to give up his grocery ticket in order to help this woman.

I get a sense from observing all these things that my community is my home. There are moments of warmth, comfort, a sense of home and community, and for that I have faith and hope in God.


Location: Vancouver, BC
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