Learn, Contribute, Grow


Sep 18, 2017

Nic, SP Staff in Oakland, CA, shares about how one good friendship and an auto center opened up a new world of relationships in the neighborhood.

Jun 7, 2016

From Nic and Maurine B., Servant Partners staff in Oakland:
Our Internship launches in August! After many months of planning & prayer (years, actually) our Internship is finally a reality! Although two-year internships among the urban poor are a staple of Servant Partners, we are leading an Oakland internship that includes four months in Guatemala City.

Sep 12, 2012

One of the values that we try to cultivate in the interns during their time in the Internship is to live a lifestyle that is missional and incarnational.  That means learning to live life alongside their neighbors - serving them, loving them, and learning from them.  We really value developing friendships with our neighbors rather than seeing them as spiritual projects.   

Over the course of the past 2 years, I’ve had the privilege to see this team indeed live missional and incarnational lives.  They have been extremely faithful to serve, love, learn from, and value their neighbors as God’s beloved who reflect His image.  

One of my favorite stories is from Alex, Katye, and Danielle’s efforts to build friendships in their apt. complex.  Below is Alex’s account in her own words of her friendships with her neighbors, Antonio and Nancy.

Apr 6, 2012

One of the key values in our movement is Making Disciples.  We desire not to just gain conversions or increase church activity but rather develop faith communities of active Jesus followers who are daily growing in their maturity and obedience to Christ.  As someone on staff in the Internship Dept. I think about this value a lot as this is one of my main responsibilities as a staff worker.  It truly is the main thrust of my work and ministry - cultivating, shaping, empowering, and coaching young adults to be faithful disciples of Jesus who are living out the Word of God as they experience and desire Shalom in the city.

Dec 15, 2011

In an effort to expand our outreach to youth and adults in the Fruitvale District of East Oakland, some of the Servant Partners interns along with members of New Hope Covenant Church began holding weekly tutoring sessions for our neighborhood.