Richmond, VA


Richmond, once the "Capital of the Confederacy," still struggles to free itself from its dark past. In many ways, it is a tale of two cities: “RVA,” a rapidly developing area with craft breweries, adventurous recreation, and hip restaurants, contrasted against the rest of Richmond, left behind with one of the largest concentrations of poverty on the East Coast.

Servant Partners concentrates its ministry efforts in the East End of Richmond, home to four large public housing communities. In our focal point of Mosby Court, there are a high concentration of poverty, traumatic conditions, and isolation, but also tremendous resiliency among the residents. Our staff partner in the Gospel to build long-standing relationships in the neighborhood with others who seek the flourishing of the community and city. Servant Partners staff are currently establishing a strong foundation of relationships, in preparation for the formation of a ministry team to work in solidarity with local residents and partnerships.