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A shout out to all those with whom we’ve worked


Over the years, we've worked alongside churches and organizations that share our vision for transforming urban poor communities. Learn more about the impact of these vital partnerships.

Church of the Redeemer, South Los Angeles, U.S.

Shortly after the Los Angeles riots of 1992, a team of four recent college grads seeking to establish a new Christian community moved into one of the neighborhoods devastated by the riots. The team worked hard to develop new friendships, share the love of Jesus, bring hope to the discouraged, and transform the neighborhood. Servant Partners assisted this team with administrative support. Servant Partners interns helped with local outreach and training Bible teachers and worship leaders. The church community formed from this outreach continues to be a home for Servant Partners interns and staff.

Church of the Redeemer


First Presbyterian Church and Pomona Hope, Pomona, U.S.

In 1993, the members of First Presbyterian Church of Pomona considered moving to an outlying suburb. However, they sensed a call from God to stay in the center of Pomona and face the endemic issues of poverty, violence, and the needs of innercity youth. At that same time, and for many years following, God brought Servant Partners staff and interns to join the community of faith. With the help of Servant Partners staff and interns, the church is now a beacon of hope and an agent for change in the community. Servant Partners interns established literacy programs, youth outreach initiatives, and community organizing strategies that continue to help the church serve the community.

First Presbyterian Church of Pomona

Pomona Hope


Lincoln Heights Tutoring Program, Los Angeles, U.S.

Dennis Ortega started the Lincoln Heights Tutoring program in the mid-1980’s while working fulltime as an engineer. The program grew beyond his own capacity to meet the needs of neighborhood children by the early 1990's. Servant Partners staff came alongside Dennis to supplement his recruiting efforts by providing broader networks for recruiting new tutors. As the ministry grew, Servant Partners staff helped build the capacity of the program by incorporating it as a 501(c)3, helping to build its board of directors, and developing new sources of income. The program continues as a foundation for a new generation of leaders in Lincoln Heights.


Northwest Neighbors, Pasadena, U.S.

With neighborhood violence at a peak, a rival gang decided to fire bomb another gang house in the Villa Park neighborhood in 1992. One year later, after a developer rebuilt the house, Servant Partners staff purchased it and moved into the neighborhood. This was the beginning of over 25 people relocating into this low income immigrant community, forming a Christian community, and establishing a youth ministry that is committed to transforming the whole community. Northwest Neighbors non-profit spun off from Servant Partners in 1997 and continues to host Servant Partners interns that are involved in youth mentoring and community outreach.

Northwest Neighbors


Partners in Urban Transformation, International

Millennium Tools, sponsored by Partners in Urban Transformation, equips our teams to empower the urban poor through seminars and individual coaching. Poverty is not only the lack of money, it is the lack of power to improve one’s situation. Millennium Tools, builds on a 20 year history of remarkable results through a bottom up approach to ending poverty, by building the extremely poor into a people of power.

Millennium Tools

Partners in Urban Transformation


Thai Peace Foundation

The Thai Peace Foundation was established in 1998 to partner with low-income house churches in bringing holistic transformation to their communities. Its programs focus on empowering local youth and adult leaders through a scholarship program, community organizing, and financial outreaches such as micro-savings and small business development. These programs are often the first step in building relationships with slum communities, and have led to the creation of new house churches.

Thai Peace Foundation