research & innovation

We are a learning organization


The Research & Innovation ministry focuses on the research and development of innovative ideas that have potential for significant impact in urban poor communities. We encourage innovation at the grass roots level at every site. We also believe that our organization must be experimenting with broad new approaches that could more effectively transform urban poor communities.

Geographical areas of focus are:
If you are interested in this work around the world and the specific locations, please contact us at

Current strategies in research and development include:

  • Strategy Coordinators serving multiple urban poor communities and partnerships while living off-site
  • A Regional Economic Development Team
  • Urban Poor Community Assessments based on the 9 Signs
  • Training local urban poor entrepreneurs to be change agents partnered with local churches
  • "Storying" among the illiterate or semi-literate as means of evangelism, church planting, and leadership development
  • Medical Doctors as part of Servant Partners teams working on improving Community Health (Sign 7)